Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The sabbatical is over

It was just the 5 min motivation from my insane friend that conjured in me the blogging mania once again after exactly 1 year and 2 mons and continue the tradition of proliferating nonsense at a larger scale after my facebook status updates.

The taste of the more-than-lavish entertainment of a few awesome blogs is enough to set off the inspiration to write your own blog. But only a few rare ones are able to justify it. The blog writing practice isn't an easy job, it puts you on an onus on writing sumthing good and sensible...  Its only the initial craze that keeps the fresh new born spirits afoot, but the punching spirits soon start to evanesce when one starts to detest his/her own write-ups on realizing that the blogger id is being typed into the address bar by only one person in the world. Its only dat one person who is the writer, reader, visitor, caretaker and lover of the deserted site.

And then, more to say..... the transition from my first blog "the realm of elevated thoughts" to "the realm of Non-sensical talks" elucidates the evolution of my mind during the hiatus...on how the engineering studies have ruined my mind, obliterated even the modicum residues of logic and common sense and has left it to find solace in nuisance and gibberish. Now I suppose the weird  title of the blog is suggestive. And I will make sure that this one doesn't die an unfortunate death like my previous one.

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